Bravoman Animated Series Launches Today

Don't worry I've got you covered. The first episode is after the jump and I've already watched it. It's the voice of Donatello from the new TMNT so if that doesn't sell you on it then it's also written by Jim Zub. It definitely has a classic cartoon feel to it that I enjoyed.

NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc., a subsidiary of NAMCO BANDAI Holdings Inc. (TYO: 7832), announced today the release of the first episode of the BRAVOMAN™ animated series. Produced under the supervision of NAMCO BANDAI Games' ShiftyLook project, BRAVOMAN™ stars Emmy® award winner Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs), Annie award nominee Dee Bradley Baker (American Dad) and Romi Dames (Winx Club). All episodes will be released free of charge on ShiftyLook's YouTube channel and on the ShiftyLook website. For the latest information, visit

“Today is an historic day in the super-unequaled legacy of perhaps maybe the greatest video game character ever – Bravoman,” said Rob Pereyda, NAMCO BANDAI Games' ShiftyLook Producer and Editor-in-Chief. “We are excited that just as he turns 25, a whole new generation of fans gets to see his adventures.”

BRAVOMAN™ quick facts:

Episode Titles: The Beginning and End of Bravoman Perky Princess of Pointy Peril Couch of Doom Watching From the Shadows Boss Bash Laser Mummies From Beyond the Moon

Directors: Jim Zub, Rob Pereyda Animation Director: Murray Bain Writers: Matt Moylan, Jim Zub Producers: Rob Pereyda, Jim Zub Executive Producers: Shin Unozawa, Shigetaka Kurita Co-Producers: Yutaro Ikegaya, Erik Ko Associate Producer: Ash Paulsen Character Designer: Dax Gordine Animation Production: Copernicus Studios Score, Sound Effects and Final Mix: Tommy Pedrini Theme Song: Randy Rogel (performed by Rob Paulsen) Ending Song: Sparkles* (performed by Area 11) Bravoman, Alpha Man and additional voices: Rob Paulsen Doctor Bomb, Anti Bravo and additional voices: Dee Bradley Baker Waya Hime and additional voices: Romi Dames

BRAVOMAN™ releases on Mondays at 12:00AM Pacific Daylight Time / 4:00PM Japan Standard Time on ShiftyLook's YouTube channel and on its own website.