Can The X-Box One See Your Number One? Yup... That's A Dick Joke

I'm going to be honest... I'm not sure this is real so take it how you want. I will point out that whoever fact checked the video didn't update their X-Box One stats and gave old info about it needed to constantly be connected to the internet because we know how poorly that turned out for Microsoft. So the question remains... can the Kincet two see your number one? So here's the video and some dong jokes.

How's it hanging? To the right.

"You can see several details like Kareem's hoodie and that mini squash he's packing."

"In all his 3-D glory... I mean I wouldn't call that glory, but you've got it call it something, am I right guys? Guys?"

Also I hate to make fun of the guys name, but it looks like there's a little Kareem in his pants... that's terrible.

"I mean I don't even want to play video games unless you can see my dick, right Kareem?"