CBMFP 172: Playful Hand Couple Things

This time on Comic Bastards' CBMFP: Spider-Man, Spider-Man, who no longer cares about Spider-Man? Look out it's CBMFP talking about Spider-Man. We know that you're burnt out on Spider-Man, we are too so we gave our thoughts on it and put it to bed! Other than that we cover Enormous coming to TV... wait for it... wait for it... there's a dick joke coming! Oh, I could have spelled that differently. The last bit of news since there was no fucking comic news worth talking about is that Batman Unlimited movie coming out... did you see that trailer? My god.

Books covered on this episode:
  • Secret Identities #1
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader #1
  • Dark Horse Comics Presents #200


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