Review: Constantine 1.13 - Waiting For The Man

As always this contains some spoilers, so watch it first or don't complain. If that was the final then I will have a very similar reaction to the finale of Reaper (did anyone else watch that). The show dangles ever more plot threads. Leaving us with many questions for season two. In one way I respect the idea, give something for people to yearn for. On the other hand, FUCK.

This episodes main plot was very creepy. Young girls, creepy dude wanting to marry them, it definitely pumped the squirm factor. The way this plot played out was a little strange though. The girl seemed to like the idea of marrying some random dude she'd never met. I guess there must of been magic involved but it never felt like she was under a spell. I did like the way it resolved at the end with Constantine convincing Jim to kill him. It illustrates how John won't stand for any kind of evil being allowed to exist.

The other main plot involves Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw is so good). There is a bounty on Johns head and Midnite wants it. So much so that he finds a guy that murdered his wife, kills him, then reanimates him to kill Constantine. The makeup on the reanimation is awesome and creepy. But that plan is useless, just hold a gun to his head and tell him to kill Constantine or you'll kill him. Why bring him back as a 'zombie', especially if he can still die by being shot. Also don't monologue, just kill (obviously they can't kill Constantine, but they can kill the stupidity).

Later when Midnite tracks Constantine down, Constantine uses a glamor spell to fool Midnite into shooting a reanimated corpse. It was a pretty good misdirect, well played out. Especially in the 'Finale', I genuinely wondered if they would kill him off then have him in hell or limbo in season 2 trying to return.

Midnite later gets caught by police only to be released by Manny. He explains that John is off limits and that the Brujeria work for him. Does that mean he's evil? that he's the one behind the rising darkness?

I really enjoyed this episode, especially the return of Gary Lester warning John about the bounty on his head. Also when John asks Manny to 'be an angel' and to ' hold it for me' (cheap but funny). If this turns out to be the last outing of this incarnation of Constantine it will be very sad.

Score: 3/5 (the episode was good but if this is the way the show goes out, it leaves too much on the table)