CBMFP 213: Fun and Exciting Twists

To warn you up front... we both have colds. So get ready for the fun. THE FUN! Of course we're going to disgust TMNT: Out of the Shadows and X-Men: Apocalypse's trailers. Killer Frost on the CW's Flash. X-Men: Apocalypse Wars... because more Apocalypse. And we'll wrap with some DC shit and some interesting info that was revealed in our exclusive interview with Eric Stephenson. Books covered on this episode:

  • The Swords of the Dreaded Space Punks
  • Street Fighter Unlimited #1
  • Margo Intergalactic Trash Collector #1
  • Lone Wolf and Cub 2100 #1
  • Tomboy #2
  • Monstress #2
  • Just Another Sheep #2


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