Check Out Some Bayonetta 2 Screenshots

I have to say these are some crazy ass costumes that they've given Bayonetta in the sequel. I'm actually kind of glad that it's on WiiU for that reason alone. Crazier part is that I want to play it even though I only watched the first one being played. Am I going to have to buy a WiiU? No... no... two games does not validate a purchase, isn't that right PS3. Now check out some pics below. Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-2 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-3 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-5 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-7 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-11 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-12 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-13 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-14 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-15 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-16 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-17 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-18 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-19 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-20 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-21 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-22 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-23 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-24 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-25 Bayonetta-2-Photo-Gallery-26