Check Out The Live-Action Prequel To Rubicon on Machinima

I actually had the chance to view this first chapter of Rubicon a little earlier this week, but now it's live on Machinima and I can share it with you. I was actually very impressed by the production and the acting. Now that's not to say the acting was amazing, but it's pretty damn good. I'll be checking out the rest of the series and you can look for our review coverage of Rubicon on the site soon.

When Mark Long and Chris McQuarrie launched the graphic novel Rubicon in 2012, they brought people right into the middle of a re-imagining of Seven Samurai, set during the War in Afghanistan. The novel focuses on five paramilitary Navy SEAL operators who are defending the residents of a remote mountain farming village from attacks by marauding Taliban.

But what led up to the events of the graphic novel?

Long (Hawken) and McQuarrie (The Usual SuspectsJack Reacher) joined forces with director Christian Johnston for a live-action prequel that is now live on Machinima Prime.

The pilot follows the journey of operator, Mike, and his handler, Smash, as they disrupt the dealings of a diverse set of dangerous groups. Mike is one of the good guys with a fair amount of bad guy to make him effective.