Comic Bastards Weekly Feature Update: 9/16 to 9/21

Well this recap is a bit late isn't it? Yeah sorry about that I took yesterday off from running the website seven days a week and forgot to get it posted earlier today. Before we kick off this week let's take a look at some of the original features from Comic Bastards!

My Pull List For 9/18/13 - Samantha Roehrig

My Pull List Samantha 9-18-13

Last week had a look at Samantha's pull list and I'll let you in on a secret... she reviewed them all! That's right if you take a look at her list you can then read an in-depth opinion about them on the site.

Comic Bastards Toolbox: Green Lantern (Re-rebirth)

Comic Bastards Toolbox - Green Lantern

Steve pulled out the toolbox this week and took a crack at Green Lantern. He offers a lot of insight on the problems that are currently facing 2814 in the New 52 and how he would run the Corps if given a chance so give it a read!

My Top Rack - Delilah Dirk

My Top Rack Delilah Dirk

If you give me any chance to talk about Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant I will and did for my pick for last week's "Top Rack." Find out why Delilah is such a great character and why you should pick of the book from Tony Cliff and First Second Books.

Does Forever Evil: Arkham War Hold Anything New?

In this feature we took a look at what's waiting for Forever Evil: Arkham War and if really it's just DC's version of Batman: Arkham City. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

Comics: Where Do I Start? Forget The Superheroes

Comics Where Do I Start Forget Heroes

Adam is back with more advice for new readers and this time he has some reading recommendations that aren't superhero based. Check it out and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.

We had one group review this week which you can check out below:

Infinity #3

Infinity_3_Cover copy

If you want to hear more opinions and some hilarious antics then give this week's podcast a listen while you're at it.

CBMFP - Episode 99: There's a Grandfather Clock in His Pants