Comic Bastards Weekly Feature Update: 9/2 to 9/7

It's a little late this week, but I was out-of-town on some family issues so you'll just have excuse it won't you. Before we begin hitting you up with this week's features let's take a look at last weeks shall we. Tuesday - My Pull List

Kevin R. got you excited for the first big week of September. Infinity hit. Forever Evil hit. It was a big week! Check out his pull list and hey maybe you didn't make it in the shop either last week, I know I didn't and so it might serve as a nice reminder.

Thursday - Forever Evil - Week One Recap

Kevin R. was doing work this week as he not only recapped everything important that happened in Forever Evil, but he also did mini-reviews for all the titles. It was a huge recap so check it out. It also took the place of the "Comic Bastards Toolbox" last week. Hard to fix things when they're being smashed currently.

Friday - My Top Rack

I picked my top ladies this week and it came in the form of Danger Girl: The Chase. Cheesecake done right. You can drool over some images and see why it is that they were "My Top Rack."

Saturday - Comics: Where Do I Start?

Continuing our weekend feature that gives you suggestions to help others and yourself read new comics, Samantha took a look at graphic novels for teens. I think she has some great choices so read the list and either hit the comic shop or even your local library.


We also had a few big group reviews last week that you can check out below. Now that we're caught up get ready for the next round!

The Star Wars #1

Forever Evil #1

Infinity #2