Comic Bastards Weekly Feature Update: 9/9 to 9/14

We had some opinions this week! Hopefully you're enjoying the feature pieces we've been releasing and if you'd be so kind leave us some feedback! You can do so here or at the bottom of the posts which are linked in the article. Now let's get on with the breakdown!

How Can I Take You Seriously With Titles Like This Marvel?

26673All-New_Invaders_1_Cover-lg copy

This was a one-off piece written by yours truly about the upcoming re-branding of the Marvel Universe called "The All-New Marvel Now." If you have a soft spot for Marvel you may want to avoid reading it, but otherwise dig in!

My Pull List for 9/11 - Kevin Reilly

My Pull List Kevin R 9-11-13

Kevin's back with his picks for the week. It's always interesting to take a look at someone's buying habits and to also get recommendations.

Comic Bastards Toolbox: Ghost Rider

Comic Bastards Toolbox - Ghost Rider

With all this Ghost Rider lawsuit business I decided to take a look at a new direction for the character. It actually turned into a pretty big idea that involved the entire Marvel Supernatural line of books.

Forever Evil Recap: Week Two

Kevin Reilly's back with a second week of Forever Evil tie-ins and villain issues. He reviews them all in a mini-review style so check it out and see if there are any one-shots that you should have picked up.

My Top Rack: Charlotte from Murder She Writes

My Top Rack Murder She Writes

Samantha is back with her top female character of the week. It's an indie series that's catching all kinds of attention so see what you're missing.

Comics: Where Do I Start? Lingo

Comics Where Do I Start Lingo

One of our newest writers Adam has taken a crack at C:WDIS and as a new reader himself he's brought you a list of vocabulary to help other new readers out. It's a good list that will definitely help out any new reader confused on the comic lingo.

Hey we're not done! Here's our one and only group review this week:

Brain Boy #1

Brain Boy #1 Cover copy

If you're still craving original content then you can check out our podcast this week as well:

CBMFP - Episode 98: I'm That Niche You Can't Scratch