Comics Codes A Site That Allows You To Swap Your Marvel Digital Codes

I came across this site in an article that Comic Beat posted and it inspired some commentary on my part that I wanted to share. The idea for is simple, for $5 bucks a month you have access to the site. Once you have access you need to submit a code to get a code. For instance, if you give ten of your download codes you'll be able to download ten codes that you would then be able to take and claim on your own. Again, simple right? We'll I'm about to break your system.

Since this is not authorized by Marvel there is no way of verifying the codes. Really you could make up a bunch of similar codes and download for days because the person that receives your code may not claim it for days or months after. It's a paid system that's also operating the guise of the honor system.

Aside from that, if everyone did play ball and not try to screw over everyone else; this is really only beneficial if you buy numerous Marvel titles a month or week. I'm sure it's banking on that, but when you get a bunch of Marvel fanboys that buy a ton of Marvel comics giving away their codes to get codes you're attempting to change their buying habits. That might actually work as people could decide to pass on certain books and attempt to pick them up via a code swap. --Continued

I really question this system and wonder if Marvel could or would make an attempt to shut it down. Plenty of people give their codes away, but a paid service that relies on the honor system and buying habits of its user base... seems destined to fail. That and the fact that it's only Marvel codes from what the site lists, limits the demographic even more.

Currently the site has 208 codes entered and none claimed. I don't know if those are codes given away by the site operators or just an indication of the activity on the site.