Cool Stuff From Shifty Look!

You may recall from our C2E2 coverage that we had a chance to talk with Robert Pereyda from Bandai Namco about their classic arcade games that have been turned into web comics. We'll I actually had a chance to set down this weekend and read all of the comics, but then I received this awesome goodie box from Shifty Look! WP_001178

It's got a bunch of cool stuff like a print of the first panels from Alien Confidential: Black and White and also the first panels of Xevious, both signed by the creators. There were also so T-Shirts of Scar which the Bastards will be fighting to the death for, but don't be surprised if we don't give one or two of the shirts away. If you didn't check out the interview you should do so and after reading the comics I have to say they are definitely worth checking out.

WP_001182In particular I really enjoyed The Five-Dimenional Adventures of Dirk Davies which has just started so it's the fastest to catch up on. All of the comics are of really high quality and this isn't a knock against web-comics, but they're all of professional level material. Great pacing and something literally for everyone with the different genres of comics. Really good stuff and all that's missing is a Rolling Thunder comic.