Cosplay: Madelyne Pryor the Goblin Queen

I'm always a sucker for Madelyne Pryor cosplay. It's such a cool character to cosplay as and yet I've only seen a handful of them and even less that I would say are good. BelleChere here has a great costume and so we can dig it. The photos by AnimazeGuy are pretty typical of every cosplay ever, but hey thanks for taking them all the same. Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-01-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-02-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-03-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-04-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-05-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-06-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-07-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-08-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-09-tn Belle-Chere-as-Madelyne-Pryor-10-tn