Crazy Mary vol. 1 Available Now

Who is Crazy Mary? Mary is a cyber-enhanced gun for hire, living and working the mean streets of a futuristic New York. What sets Mary apart from the average mercenary are her visions. Through Mary’s eyes an eerie shadow world exists over top the one we know. This nightmarish realm haunts her, speaks to her, and is ultimately guiding Mary toward...well, it's best not to tell yet.

Mary is the creation of author Michael Colbert and artist J.K. Woodward (Doctor Who, X-Men). Troubled by the cookie cutter “super-model with a gun” template which so many female comic book heroes are based on, the duo envisioned Mary as a response to and rejection of the trend. “Sure, Mary is a chick with a gun, but she isn’t a cliché. JK and I agreed that she should be the antithesis of Barbwire and Witch Blade—in look and personality. Readers will be drawn in by Mary’s actions and words instead of her cup size,” says Colbert.


By Factory Smoke & Acetylene Light graphic novel is the first installment in the Crazy Mary epic. This book collects Mary's past adventures, which were first seen in the monthly comic from Digital Webbing. It also features 52 pages of all new material, including the 34 page story, “Waiting to Explode” which was co-written by author Josh Finney (Titanium Rain, Utopiates). Along with J.K. Woodward, By Factory Smoke & Acetylene Light features stories illustrated by William Blankenship (Double Jumpers) and Ryan Sargent.

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