Crossed: Badlands #26 Out This Week

It's not quite a preview, but here are the covers and what the issue is about.

From Avatar Press:

It’s a big week for Avatar horror in comic shops tomorrow.  The second issue of Garth Ennis’ C-Day launched run on Crossed: Badlands is in stores and continuing the terror as only he can.  In “The Fatal Englishman” arc, a band of ex-military have decided it is time to strike back at the Crossed.  Having saved a wayward priest and his ministry of kids, they set about making the trek through Crossed infected lands to find the final objective.  We get to know the soldiers and their ideologies as they compare historical atrocities to the everyday horrors of the Crossed.  All too often, the transgressions match up; leading one to wonder if the Crossed aren’t just the natural evolution of the beast that lives inside of men.  Ennis delivers a gripping and masterfully spun tale that will ask many questions of what humans are capable of and what their ultimate fate should be.