Cue The O'Jays - Walking Dead Monopoly and Risk Games Coming I was not joking just hit play on that terribly made "photo" video and read these details... or not. Yup, Kirkman is gettin' that cash, gettin' that ass as Monopoly: The Walking Dead Survivor Edition is coming soon at the price tag of $39.99. I bet you're like, "Rick's hat better not be a token" and well it is. In fact here's all the tokens accompanying Rick's Hat: Katana, R.V., Lucille (Bat), Telephone, Bucket of Body Parts. I call dips on the bucket of body parts! Just make sure you land on Alexandria Safe-Zone first or you'll be paying through the nose when someone else adds the equivalent of a hotel to it. Or just study that mathematical break down of Monopoly that's floating around the net.



Next up is Risk: The Walking Dead Survivor Game, which is a clone of Risk: 2210 so that you're not playing Risk for 14 days straight. It's $49.99 and that's about all you need to know about that one. So you ready to listen to that song again? Also that's prototype art so don't get mad at me when they suddenly add the TV stars or something.



Via Newsarama