Daedalic Entertainment Announces 2015 Titles

I've been catching up on some Daedalic games recently and I like what I see. Several of these new titles also look really interesting like Silence, AER and Anna's Quest. While those three grabbed me first I'm still curious about the other titles. We also have a review coming for Blackguards 2 which just released. There's a trailer just before the individual game spotlight so give it a view.

Recently, Daedalic Entertainment presented their upcoming portfolio during "Daedalic Days" in Hamburg. This included overviews of the recently announced AER, a console preview of Silence,  the steampunk adventure -- The Devil’s Men and highlights of more upcoming titles for 2015, including Anna’s Quest, Dead Synchronicity, Fire, as well as the just released Blackguards 2.




The Devil's Men

Anna's Quest

Dead Synchroncity


Blackguards 2