Dark Horse Would Love To Make A Sin City and/or Hellboy Video Game

On a podcast for another site  Director Of Custom Projects at Dark Horse, Nick McWhorter was asked what titles from DH's back catalog would he like to see as games. He picked Sin City and Hellboy. Now, a few sites, even the source of this article have presented it as if this is happening, but it's really just McWhorter's idea on a game for both properties and doesn't confirm anything that Dark Horse is currently working on so don't get too excited. Still its cool that DH has someone in office thinking about these properties as games so let's see what McWhorter said about each: Sin City

Sin City I always imagined to be a really cool open-world game where you really experience that city through the different characters”, said Nick. “Look at what they’ve done with GTA 5 where they have three character’s perspectives. Imagine them doing that with the black, white, red and yellow (that yellow bastard) and doing some cool open world game with cars, characters and brawling, uitilising the story in the seven books that have been created".


I want to see new Hellboy that explores the comic story and the comic settings,” said Nick. “There so many amazing characters and so much great lore, monsters and excellent stories to tell that I would really love to see a strong console game, whether it’s an independent downloadable-type game or a full-packaged major release. I think it’s a property that would be very exciting to explore in games”.

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