DC Entertainment Goes Back In Time For Retro Logo... Misses By Four Years

Today DC Entertainment announced that it traveled back in time to generate a new retro, yet modern logo for the company. The new logo will replace the "Sliding D" logo that most fans associate with the failed New 52 reboot. "The new logo is pull from history. If you look at our logo in 1972, well this is basically that, but in blue... we like blue", said some guy on the internet that has no connection to DC Entertainment.


After unveiling the new logo which has already spread across the DC homepage and will likely make it's appearance on the upcoming first issues of DC Rebirth/DC "we do better when continuity is a mess", it was revealed that DC meant to go back to 1976 to bring back the longest running and fan favorite DC "Bullet" logo.


When asked for a comment Jim Lee said, "Yeah Dan was behind the wheel that day and had one too many screwdrivers. I mean the tool not the drink, usually we just let him run out of screwdrivers to throw, but on this particular day he stopped by the Home Depot and maxed his corporate credit card."

Didio was unavailable for comment as he waited to talk to the manager at Home Depot about his return. The manager was quoted as saying, "I just work here bro and please stop taking T-Shirts off and giving them to other customers."

What baffles this "reporter" is that while DC managed to slap the logo everywhere they could they forgot their own favicon...