DC/Marvel Formal Wear Available for Pre-Order

If you recall a month ago on the CBMFP, Steve and I talked about some DC and Marvel formal wear suits that were coming from Fun.com. Well, they're available for pre-order now, and we'll likely revisit this on the podcast, but in the meantime, you can check them all out here. There're some images below along with my initial thoughts on a few of them. My initial thoughts are that the "secret identity" suits are way better than the... non-secret identity suits. You can tell them apart because one looks like a suit and the other looks like cosplay... but still a suit. They're strange and hey I'm sure someone will buy them, and I'm not knocking that. My personal taste is that I liked the "secret identity" suits because they were subtle. That's what made them cool. Every comic book shirt, jacket or merchandising product, in general, is flashy. Too flashy. It's why I shy away from it because it says "tacky" more than it does "comic fan."

Here's what I'm mean.

Marvel Formal Wear 1

And it's not just a Marvel suit problem in case you were wondering.

DC Formal Wear 1

There are two authentic DC suits as well. One for the Joker and the other for the Riddler. I'm not a fan of that version of the Joker, so I have no interest there, but it does come with the overcoat. The Riddler one is almost cool enough to get away with wearing it regularly, but I can see assholes walking up to you and making bad puns all night long or worse, asking you things that aren't technically riddles which would annoy me.

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There is a catch... you have to know your suit size already. Meaning if this is your first suit, don't do it. You'll end up with a mess on your hand. That and any suit needs to be tailored to you to make you look good. Those guys in the pictures didn't just walk in the morning of the photo suit and pick out their size and go to it. No, they had that tailored to them. That's not a bad thing, but it's something you want to consider. The prices are pretty reasonable, so I have no complaint there. It's in line with the suits I've had to purchase, but I live in L.A. Someone that buys a lot of suits in another state could be shitting a brick right now, but I kind of doubt it.

Bottomline for me, I still want that subtle Joker suit. I would love to think that I'm capable of rocking the Justice League suit, but light colors on me will make me look like Kimdotcom, and I do not want that comparison made in the real world. There are kids suits, but that's like throwing money into a toilet in my opinion. "Oh hey Juan, you want to wear your Iron Man suit today? No? Yeah, fuck me for spending $200 on your ass." Or something like that.

Now more pictures:

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