DC's Rebirth #1 Spoiled on Reddit (Spoiler Free)

I'm sorry but this is too funny. DC sent out advanced issues of DC Universe #1, you know, the big ass issue written by Geoff "I'm Doing Movies Now" Johns, that reboots or rebirths the entire DC universe into some new amalgamation of Pre-52, New 52 and Post-52 Universes. It's funny because clearly they were very selective with who they fucking sent these too and yet someone said, "fuck it" and was so pissed off by the issue that they posted spoilers on the internet. Now I said no spoilers and I won't spoil it in the article because that should be your choice and any time you click on an article that gives you a spoiler cut off, let's be honest you end up reading on. So no, no spoilers here.

To be vague though I will say that it's both clever and overly complicated. Also... I think everyone is going to hate it. Yet sadly, I think I might just end up loving it. It's a very desperate, all or nothing, reboot. Sure they don't want to hear the words "reboot", but fucking hell... this is a reboot and an interesting one at that. Interesting enough that I'll probably go at midnight and buy the fucking thing. If you want to talk spoilers do so in the comments, but start with SPOILER since it's auto tweeted.