Dear Marvel, Enough With The Meme and 8-Bit Variants

Uh... that's disgusting and doesn't even make any sense. It's Grumpy Cat slammed on top of Thanos face... with his brains exposed for some damn reason. Seriously Marvel if you're going to copy internet humor try to get there before the horse is dead and beaten. infinity1var

As for the video game 8-Bit inspired covers, stop it. I know that Valiant did it and you thought, "Hey that's an awesome idea" and you're right it is. Too bad all of yours suck. Yes I'm being terribly negative, but when I hear/read "8-bit cover" I get excited and then I see yours and it's like getting to the front of the line for a roller-coaster and being told that they have to close it for the day. I'm tired of it, so please stop. Also "Game Over. The Return of Sabertooth" doesn't even make any sense. No game over screen would say that leaving this looking fake. Okay that's all my negativity for the day and feel free to like them and what not, but you're wrong.