Disney Infinity Developers Aren't Ruling Out Possibility of Female Thor In Game

Yesterday it was announced that a new female character would soon be going by the name of Thor. Well with Infinity 2.0 releasing Polygon asked the developers of the game, who are adding Marvel characters to the mix, what the chances of the female Thor showing up in the game are. They actually didn't know about the announcement either, because why would they, so they aren't ruling it out. They did say if that it would depend on the demand, but that they could do it. It would of course require a new action figure because they couldn't just re-skin the current Thor they have. Out of all the possibilities for a female Thor, this is by for the most interesting one for me. To have a game that could support other Disney franchise like Frozen and place female Thor right along side them has tons of potential to show little girls they can be princesses and warriors. Time will tell on this one, but it would be a missed opportunity in my eyes if they didn't. THOR 001_cover copy