Disney Says Marvel and Star Wars Will Push Infinity Over Billion Dollar Mark

I have to say this kind of disgusts me. The fact that Disney is arrogantly saying that they know a billion dollars is waiting for them and sadly they're probably right. Infinity, if you're unaware, is a video game in which you can sandbox levels based off of Disney movies and properties. To play as a character or in a world you need to buy a little action figure and place it on a platform so it can read the chip and load it into the game... did I say load? I meant unlock it on the disc more than likely. They just introduced the Marvel line (which is only made up of the movie characters) and has announced that Star Wars will hit the game sometime in the future. Frankly there's a lot of stuff I want or like to want which is more accurate, but I've never looked at a product and said, "well there goes my money." I hope it takes Disney a lot longer to reach their arrogant goal than they think because the idea of giving a multi-billion dollar company a solid billion makes me want to puke and stop talking about their products all together. Source