Do Want: S.H.I.E.L.D. Track Jacket

If there is one thing I'm always a fan of in comics, it's Shield. I like Nick Fury in charge of things and him being the world's number one super spy. I like that shit! I don't like the movie version and I can barely tolerate the Ultimate Version. I just like good old fashion Shield and a bunch of spy stories. I loved Hickman's Secret Warriors for this reason as well. The title may have been different, but that was a Shield book through and through. I enjoy his new incantations of Shield as well, but Nick Fury is Shield to me. At any rate, Think Geek has this jacket and when I saw it I was like, "Oh yeah." Then I was like, "I don't have fifty bucks plus shipping for that, so oh well." You can score yourself one of these if you're also into Shield, but if you're doing it for movie reasons then fuck off.