Drive-On With The Muppets Exemplifies Everyone's Fears Of Disney Owning The Muppets

When I see the Muppets I smile. It's instantaneous because I expect them to make me laugh and bring me joy. My fear and I would guess the fear of many other Muppet fans, was that when Disney purchased the franchise that joy would go away. They did alright at first though I still haven't watched the latest movie. I didn't do well at the box office and so to help promote it Disney is making short videos called "Drive-On With The Muppets" which places the Muppets on the Disney Burbank lot and dumps a ton of cameos in it. Sounds like the next evolution of the Muppet Show right? Wrong. This was the worst thing involving the Muppets that I ever saw. Also the audio was terrible as you could hear the feedback on one of the microphones. By the time something actually funny happened I was already bummed out by how terrible the rest of the video was. It's about six minutes long minus the two minutes of credits. Watch at your own risk.