Dual Review: Uber #0

It’s really be a strange week for comics. There have been some exceptional issues that have stood out above all others while several others have sunk to the bottom. If you’ve listened to the podcast then you know that there are two dudes that really enjoy Avatar Press’ books and have been looking forward to Uber since its announcement. Today, those two Bastards are tackling this review, but first here’s a blurb about the book from Avatar Press to get you started.

From the jaws of defeat, the Nazi war machine is resurrected by walking battleship superhuman soldiers who turn the tide of World War II. Kieron Gillen unveils his epic new monthly series, which rewrites history with a horrifying twist! Super soldiers now turn the machinations of the Twentieth Century's greatest madman into reality. The Ubers are here and the world will tremble at their feet. But a deeply entrenched spy could be the difference in seeing the world remade in the Nazi vision and the Allies finding a way to stem the tide.

Kevin: Buy

Just from the preview for Uber I was hooked. I never would have thought that I’d get so pumped for a preview. There is something very special that is going to be unleash from Avatar and Gillen onto comic book world. It’s intense, mesmerizing and brutal all at the once. To dismiss it as Nazi with zombies could be a big mistake. Uber deserve your attention and I for one can’t wait to get this journey started.

Dustin: Buy

Zero issues are supposed to get you excited for the real deal, but also introduce you to the world you’ll be exploring and that’s exactly what this issue does. I enjoyed it a lot and while I’m not quite familiar with the characters or even the world, I’ve gotten a taste for it and it was enjoyable. Besides the interesting story and the amazing art, one of the most enjoyable author notes I’ve ever read. It’s clear that this story is going to be far more complex than just super powered Nazi’s.

If you’re interested in picking it up you may have to go to Avatar’s site since a lot of online stores are sold out already. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if this makes to a rare second print for Avatar.