Dustin's Top Five - February (2014)

It’s the return of the Top Five!! In case you forgot (I’m sure you did) this is my monthly look at the comics that I consider to be the best five books. You may see other Bastards on the site give their list and you may not. That’s the beauty as it could be a lot of us or just a few. In the meantime you can check out all the books you should be reading. Also... I totally noticed that after completing this list that all of these books released this week, but to be fair that's not always the case as my past lists will show. Ah whatever, enjoy!

5 - TMNT

5 - TMNT

My usual top five list is populated by some pretty heavy hitters, but this time I switched out what’s become my usual books and sliced (pizza reference) TMNT in there. The reason being that ever since “City Fall” this has been a go to series for me. I can’t wait to read it and frankly IDW has been pouring top-tier artistic talent into the title. I wish they’d do the same for their other licensed properties, but as long as the Turtles gets the star treatment I don’t really care.

4 - Mind MGMT 

Mind MGMT #19

I think the only time you’ll not find Mind MGMT on my list is when the book reaches its end. On that day I will be very sad, but also probably pretty pumped because I’ll know I’ve finished comic history. The thing about Mind MGMT is, when does it not get better? Each issue no matter how simple; whether it’s plot or character driven, it manages to be fantastic. It’s too the point that I bank issues just to have more to read because one issue at a time just isn’t enough. This is going to be one of those series that people recommend for years to come so don’t feel like you can get on board now. You’ll only be hearing “I told you so” later on.

3 - Furious

Furious #2 Cover

Here’s a new edition to the list. This series is just fucking great. I can’t get enough of it and even though I don’t have all the pieces to the puzzle yet, it continues to impress me. You can read more about how this series rocks on this week’s My Top Rack from yours truly.

2 - Rat Queens


Another new title!?! What’s going on here? Well I haven’t done one of these in a while otherwise Rat Queens would have been on the list already. It’s funny, action packed and frankly it’s just one of the best titles being published right now. There’s just so much that the creative team does and gets right that I don’t know where to end without droning on and on forever about it. The first volume is coming in March so if you’ve missed it, that’s a good time to jump on. Really you shouldn’t wait and just buy the back issues digitally because it’s that damn good.

1 - D4VE


We’ve got a new champ on this list! Let me tell you why. I laugh. I laugh with every issue. I laugh multiple times an issue and the series hasn’t dipped since the first issue. It’s easy to make me laugh once, but all three times? Rare. Reading D4VE is like watching your favorite TV sitcom. You don’t know how it’s going to make you laugh, you just know that you will laugh… and plenty. D4VE isn’t just funny though, it’s got a great story with dense characters in a world that is highly relatable. Right now for the cost of one print issue you can get all three issues and the value is far greater than any normal 22-page comic. D4VE is the shit, so check it out. -- Well there you have it; another month and another batch of titles for you to check out and enjoy. All of these titles have been reviewed on the site so check them out and buy them digital or in print where available.