Dustin’s Top Five: Sep – Oct

You may have caught the first one of these a while back and while it was something I had planned on continuing, there just wasn’t time. Well we’ve got something planned for this feature that we’ll reveal once we’re ready, but in the meantime sit back and check out my personal top five list for books ranging between September and October. And you know what? We want to hear your list so leave a comment below.

5 – Theremin

5 - Theremin

You know I almost delivered the same list that I started this entire feature with, but then I remembered Theremin. How could I not select this series as one of my top five? So why Theremin? Sure the story is strange and time travel is fun; the art is amazing and it’s clear that Dalton is delivering some of his best work… but that’s not why. The creative team doesn’t play it safe. They’re trying to make comics that push the boundaries of the familiar storytelling that comic fans have been groomed to expect. The third issue of Theremin was dangerous and I fucking loved that. They could have delivered the second issue again and it would have been fine and readers would more than likely loved it, but they didn’t. Instead they completely changed how they presented the story for the third issue in a row. That kind of boldness is something I wish that we’d see more in the comic industry. Add in the fact that the story and art were amazing and that’s why it made it on the list.

4 – Peter Panzerfaust

4 - Peter Panzerfuast

I’m counting two issues of Peter Panzerfaust in this and that’s why it hits here on my numbering. The past two issues of Felix’s story have been powerful and entertaining… much like the rest of the series. I really think that this is an underrated comic and while it’s managed to maintain and even gain some ground back, it’s still flying under the radar for a lot of readers. Sure it’s Peter Pan, but this is unlike any Peter Pan you’ve ever read. What I find brilliant about this series is that its premise isn’t Peter Pan based in World War II, but rather what if the story of Peter Pan came from real events based in World War II?

3 – Mind MGMT

3 - Mind MGMT

If any other series or creator had attempted the story in issue #15, it would have been filler. It would have been a waste of a purchase and made you question coming back to the series. When Matt Kindt does it with Mind MGMT it’s phenomenal. Kindt continues to circle around the events that first united Meru and Lyme which begs the question why? Nothing is a coincidence with Mind MGMT and the fact that he’s returned to this scene and kept it so consistent while revealing more and more details… is amazing. I dare you to call this issue filler, because I would call it character building at its finest.

2 – Revival

2 - Revival

This series would have to do something really bad not to end up on my list. There are months that I rush to read this book first and others that I save it for last. Cracking open an issue of Revival you never know what to expect. Time could move forward to the next day or you could pick up minutes after you left the last issue. You never know, and that’s thrilling. Sure the book has a formula of sorts, but it’s so hidden below the layers of character development, mystery and plot building scenes that you’re likely never to see the trees from the woods. Just thinking about this series makes me want to re-read it from beginning to end while I wait for the next issue; and I’ll be honest and say that there’s only one other title on this list that makes me feel that way.

1 – Saga

1 - Saga

If you read Saga this month then you know why this ended up in first place. Just thinking about the scene between the Sophie and Lying Cat gets me choked up. After thinking about the issue some more there really is a lot of buildup that leads to this simple scene and that’s what makes it so powerful. I know some people don’t get this story or just don’t enjoy it and that’s fine. I get that there’s a larger story at play and that some people just want that part of this world, but that’s not the point of this series. Regardless of where the larger story ends, the series is about the people. Everything else that happens to them is just there to see how they’d respond to that situation. Art and story work hand in hand on this series and when that happens, it shows just how magical comic books can be. -- Well there you have it, my list for September and October. We’ve got something planned for these lists and hopefully we’ll reveal it sooner rather than later, but keep an eye out for Adam Kelly’s list later this week.