E3 2014: Fable Legends - Yet Another Game Letting You Be The Bad Guy

I have never gotten into the Fables series... I've tried, but it just isn't for me. The latest in the series has multiplayer from the looks of it giving it a Phantasy Star Online vibe, but then there's the twist that you can play as the bad guy. Don't get me wrong I like that we're getting games that explore the role of the villain, but I hope they're deeper than just bad guy = do bad things. The thing about villains, they don't know they're the bad guy. We'll see if Fables Legends manages to capture that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz11N_ceVxI

Fable Legends lets you play cooperatively with your friends as a team of up to four Heroes, each with their own play style, or become the Villain and control the battle from on high.