E3 2014: Mirror's Edge Will Be There

At last years E3 Mirror's Edge was teased. Going into this week's E3 the Mirror's Edge Facebook page has teased the anticipated sequel to the beloved game... again. In fact the page hasn't done anything since last year which might be good because hopefully they were just working on the game instead. The first Mirror's Edge didn't sell as high as EA expected and though it was loved by fans and most critics the shelved the franchise. I suppose they made enough money with ports, the mobile version and cheap digital only versions that they decided to take a crack at one of the most original video games they had ever published. I'll be looking forward to it for sure and may even find a copy of the first on the cheap to run through it again. In the meantime you can enjoy the video from last year... which is still pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6PXba8X6N8