E3 2014: Sniper Elite 3: Tobruk

Didn't I just say that the last thing we need is another shooter? Why is it whenever a new console launches the shooters either go far into the future or far into the past? I guess we can add modern era to that as well can't we? Alright so they're covering all the hot spots. I vaguely remember hearing about Sniper Elite 2, but what I remember about it was that it wasn't very good. I hope something has changed because this has "rental" written all over it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0PZmzoLKUI

Sniper Elite 3 Official Trailer Tobruk: Follow OSS agent and elite sniper Karl Fairburne amidst the terrifying bombardment of the ancient city of Tobruk in Libya, this new trailer introduces viewers to the unique location and next-generation technology in Sniper Elite 3. Shot entirely In-Engine this trailer gives viewers an insight into Sniper Elite 3's Gameplay.