E3 2015: Atlus – Lost Dimension

Out of all the games I saw at E3 Atlus’ Lost Dimension was one of the most interesting. The premise of the game is that you and your team have been sealed in a tower by a villain named “The End”, which is a nice bit of meta. The goal is to clear each level of the tower using your team who all have special and different abilities. That’s the strategy RPG element of the game which is turn based and pretty straight forward. Use your strategy to defeat the bad guys in the room and make sure you use your turns wisely. That part looked good and seemed to handle just fine, frankly it’s not why you’re going to want to play this game it’s just the most interactive part so being polished and straight forward is a good thing. The characters though are all interesting and have their own powers that make for different game play. One character teleports, another copies other people’s skills and overall it makes the game very balanced.

The real reason you’ll want to play this game is because you’re told that there are traitors among your team.

Here’s where the fun part comes in.

Between each level you and the team vote someone off a character or rather you vote to have them eliminated. This is based on who you use in the combat area, but also the conversations you can have with the different characters between the levels. You have to watch your party and figure out their tendencies in order to figure out the traitors because you don’t want to end up with them still on your team at the very end.

Now when it comes to replay value you’re probably wondering if there is any if there’s a mystery of “who’s a traitor”, but it’s actually randomly generated each time you start a game. Which of course makes for many paths and a lot of replay value in my opinion.

The game is coming to PS3 and PS Vita frankly if they could port it to PS4 that would be great too. I’m very excited to play the full version because I really enjoyed the twist of the snakes in the grass. That and the pairing with the turn based strategy is just an interesting combination. It’s releasing this summer so look for it if this is in your wheelhouse.

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OFFICIAL GAME SITE: atlus.com/lostdimension