E3 2015: Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Legends

Probably one of the best times I had at E3 was checking out Dungeons & Dragons: Sword Coast Legends. If you like D&D and like me have no one to play with because all your friends are scattered across the globe, then this is the game for you. There are a few options on how to play or what to play in this game. There’s the story mode in which you and three others can team up and go through the campaign or in Dungeon Master Mode you can go through someone else’s story.

So you already pre-ordered your copy right? Because you read “Dungeon Master Mode”

Dungeon Master Mode is no joke. After some strong arming the developers convinced me to try out the mode for the demo and I didn’t regret it. It’s probably the only thing I would do with the game because it was that fun.

You create everything in DM mode. You create the person that gives the quest, the location of the quest, the item that triggers the next part and everything in-between. You set up the rooms of the dungeon and pick the monsters and bosses; even the layout and the decor. Yes, the decor!

There’s also two ways to play this mode in which you can set it up and leave it for people to go through or you can play with the people in real-time and even take over certain characters, like bosses and such. When you play in real-time you can demote and promote NPC’s based on how the players are doing. If they’re kicking ass, you’ll be given more DM bucks (not the actual name) to spend on bigger traps and danger and drop them in to the room in real-time.

But that’s not it. You know the dialogue you read for the missions in a normal RPG? Yeah you can write that… you can even record your voice saying it… you can basically do everything that you would do for a D&D game, but then set it and leave it for others to play.

I can’t stress just how cool the DM mode was. It basically sold me on the game instantly once I heard about it, but then to actually play it and use it… loved it. Nothing like planting a dead body in a room suddenly followed by a ton of blood.

The character customization is also pretty intense. You can pick a ton of stuff from accessories to the color of every spec of clothing to the hat they’re wearing. The level of customization that this game has is tremendous.

The game is due out on PC, Mac and Linux on September 8th, with a console release on the Xbox One and PS4 sometime fourth quarter. Usually I’m a console guy, but something tells me that I’m really going to dig this on the PC. If you like or love D&D then this is the D&D game you’ve been waiting for.