E3 2015: Little Orbit – Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations

If you’re familiar with video games, then seeing the word “Investigations” at the end of the title is pretty telling of what this game is like. It’s a point and click type adventure game, but with action segments. It’s more in line with Tell Tale Games’ old style of adventure games rather than their newer stuff. It’s also geared heavily towards a younger crowd, but some older Adventure Time fans might find something to enjoy here. The basic story is that Finn and Jake are trying to solve mysteries in the Land of Ooo. To do this they’ll need to inspect crime scenes, and then make a guess at the end to solve the mystery. You’ll also pick up items and combine them together to unlock other areas or to solve sections of a mystery to proceed.

There’s also a battle system, but it’s there for fun and has no penalty for failure. You basically can die as many times as it takes for you to get past it, but it didn’t look to be that difficult as Finn and Jake can team up for power moves that unlock once the fist-bump bar fills up.

The developers have made sure to pour a lot of Easter eggs and references from the show into the game which is sure to please a lot of fans. I don’t know if every Adventure Time fan will enjoy this game as it may be too easy for some, but there is a lot of game to enjoy. If you played a previous Adventure Time point and click, then you’ll also be happy to know that the amount of dialogue from the voice actors has increased to the thousands compared to the hundreds from before.

If you’re not a fan of the series or point and click action games, then this is definitely not for you unless you’re looking to become a fan. The game is going to be out on every major system so you’ll be able to get it for anything that you currently own. The game will be out this November so look for it then.