E3 2015: Loot Interactive – Whispering Willows

The final game I played from Loot Interactive was Whispering Willows. It’s a horror themed adventure puzzle game. Kind of a point and click style of puzzle, but with more interaction and control. The first thing to point out is that the art style is wonderful for this game. It’s a lot of fun to just look at. The story is that of Elena Elkhorn; she heads out to Willows Mansion to find her father and along the way discovers that she can communicate with the souls of the dead. This is how the puzzle part is different because there are things that you’ll have to do as a spirit and in your flesh. The animation on Elena when she leaves her body was very cool. There were also segments in which her spirit becomes just a glowing ball of light in order to fit through sections of the level.

The story is very rich. All of the ghosts you encounter seem to have intricate stories that may or may not be helpful. The environments are hand-painted 2D backgrounds which again are great and add to the atmosphere of the gameplay.

Now I don’t know if there are any boo, gotcha moments in the game. The ghosts I encountered were friendly, but the developers warn that not every spirit is friendly and that death can come for you at any moment. The sound scape is legit and adds to the atmosphere as well. I was listening to it on some decent headphones and it really adds to the gameplay.

If you like adventure mystery games, then this is the game for you. Clearly a lot of time has been put into it and it’s not just a load the room solve the mystery type of game. You have to navigate your way throughout the game and as I found you can get stuck if you’re not paying attention.

The game is actually out next week on the 30th and is a 2-way cross buy for the PS4 and PS Vita. Let me tell ya… PS4 and PS Vita have a lot of titles coming up that I want to play and this is one of them. They did also announce that its heading to other platforms as well so keep an eye out.