Earth 2 Hawkgirl Revealed... Where Do I Begin?

Okay DC you win, I'm going to read this book if only to try to understand what the fuck is going on with these costumes! I mean I'm down with her dark brown skin (in fact it's pretty damn sexy), but what the fuck is up with the blue and black costume and robot wannabe helmet? Also a gun? Really a fucking gun? If you tell me she shoots that while flying I will take a shit and label it "BULL" and send it to you because her accuracy would be zero. Unless they gave her Longshot's powers in which case every shot would be lucky, but I doubt they had the fortitude to think of that. This figure is crazy and it's not even coming out until August of next year... so maybe she's not in the comic yet? Someone please tell me why I go buy a trade and some back issues. DC_Collectibles_New_52_Hawkgirl__scaled_600