Epic Reveals Fortnite!

Epic games, creators of such popular games like Gears of War, and Bulletproof has been developing a new game titled Fortnite.  The idea behind Fortnite is very clever, it takes elements that worked in their Gears franchise and mixed them up with RPG elements, world building, and world exploring. The biggest twist in this project is that you have to build a fort in order to defend yourself, but you're not given the resources, you have to go around with you teammates exploring the area and gain resources to build your fort.  Looking at the videos the game looks great and very innovative, and the cool part is that the  developers are getting involved with the gaming community to see how they can improve the game and get more ideas to add to the game before its release.  As of right now this game will be available on PC no word yet if X-Box One or PS4 will be getting this game.  Check out some of the videos for this project, it really looks great. Epic games is taking application to sign up for their Alpha if you’re interested in trying this game out.  Go to their website here to sign up. Here are some video footage on Fortnite.