Episode 150: We're Hungry For Stouffer's

We made it everyone, we're at 150 episodes and counting! Today rather than making this special we're just going to ramble on about the usual things. We start off with some video game talk that you'll hopefully be interested in and from there it's the Titans TV show on TNT! There's more on the news front, but let's let some of it be a surprise. Lastly there isn't a new ending this time around. We're going to need some time due to scheduling conflicts so instead we have a blooper reel of sorts... it's probably terrible, but you can find it after the closing story line.

Books we read:
  • Death of Wolverine #2
  • Cyanide & Happiness: Punching Zoo
  • Fight Like A Girl #1
  • Rot & Ruin #1
  • Norman
  • Teen Dog #1


As another bonus, here's some pictures of cosplayer theStarktorialist as StarFire!

Here's the last two episodes of the CBMFP!