Episode 35: Why'd You Have To Replace Cowabunga

Episode 35 already? Wow! This week Kevin continues his streak of original and exciting openings as we dive head first into everything Ninja Turtles related. We switch it up with some actual excitement about a comic book movie Dredd, even though we still don't like the poster. We also discuss the awesome new comic technology from DeepComix.  This week's books that we discuss include Bendis' Spider-Man opus Spider-Men, Kevin dives into Before Watchmen: The Comedian#1. Midway through our Godzilla #2 chat we tackle how to fix Godzilla in the comics and then Kevin sets the stage for Whisper #3 out next week and end with Blood Blockade Battlefront #2 from Dark Horse Comics. Teenage-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-Dog-Cosplay