Episode 71: It's My Generation's Star Wars

Oh Bastards we have some many treats in store for you with this edition of CBMFP. We run through all the info we had time to search for from ECCC including some Red Sonja news, Dark Horse's big Superhero push and what's cracking with the X-Files? Want Rob Liefeld to draw your comic book? We'll tell you how you can make that dream happen. Then there was the big news of the week... Robin died and we do out best to present both sides of emotions that came from his death. Right about now I should be telling you about books we read, but instead we furthered the discussion with some talk about King of Nerds and if there's anything else nerdy that reality TV can scrap from the barrel. Here's the books we cover this week: High Crimes #2, The Legend of Luther Strode #3 and Who Is Killing The Great Capes of Heropa? Red Sonja ECCC 13