Episode 86: The Bub Rookie Burger

Have we got a show for you today! There is so much happening in the world of DC Comics movie department, also know as the WB, that I'm not even going to put up the links. That and we cover it all so you're good. We also hit up some E3 comic book video game tie-in news. Then it's another journey to DC Comics comic division, also know as DC Comics, were we discuss our impressions on the new Doomsday! Trust me, it's really cool and you'll be wishing DC had the grapes to do it. Aside from the news Kevin finally watched The Dark Knight Rises... what? We only had time to cover two books this week and they're both about a Gorilla with six-shooters! That's right, we compare Boom's Six-Gun Gorilla to Six-Gun Gorilla Long Days of Vengeance. Don't forget to check out our official Comic Bastards store that's up and running and has all the kinks worked out as well, in order to get your T-Shirt. CBMFP is GO! Doomsday Cosplay