Episode 95: Kiss, Kill, Fuck - The Second Edition

You may recall a little game we played on the CBMFP about a year ago called Kiss, Kill, Fuck or as we called it then Kiss, Kill, Marry. The idea is simple. We gave each other three fictional characters from the world of comics, cartoons and video games... mostly comics though. From there we picked one character to kiss, one to kill and the last one fuck or make sexy time with if that offends you less. This time around we asked you the listeners to chime in on our social media networks and give us your picks... my god you people had some weird choices. We even had a few Bastards send us some suggestions, but you can wait for the shout outs on the episode. All I will say is that your picks made the show. Hopefully you enjoy this episode... it's really long and Erin wanted to kill us because of it, but if it makes you laugh then we did our job. If it didn't then full refunds for everyone! As a special treat we also have a cosplay set of one of the characters we talk about! CBMFP is GO!