Exclusive: Namco High Dateable Character Revealed!

I'm sure most of you remember Namco High which was announced during Comic Con. If you forgot then it's a browser-based dating sim that has Homestruck creator Andrew Hussie at the helm. Today we are happy to reveal an exclusive dateable character for the upcoming game.

Namco High - GalagaYup. That's the ship from Galaga.

Official statement by What Pumpkin (creative directors and art production) on using Galaga Ship in Namco High: Galaga Ship is the most alluring, captivating, enchanting thing in the universe, how could we NOT include it in this game and... our hearts.

Even cooler is the fact that R. Stevens (Diesel Sweeties) designed the thing! Essentially that ship represents the internet. Well I know what character I'm going to date the hell out of when the game is released!