Exclusive Preview: Ashes: A Firefighter's Tale

Well if you've been following the site then you know that Z2 Comics is on fire... pun not intended. Seriously though, they've got a slew of great books out/soon to release. One of their next titles is Ashes: A Firefighter's Tale. You can read about it below before checking out the preview, but know that you'll find coverage for it here on the site.

New York City has inspired graphic novels as wonderfully diverse and eclectic as the city’s population. From a coming-of-age story of NYU freshmen (THE NEW YORK FOUR by Brian Wood and Ryan Kelly), to a fictionalized memoir about a writer’s addictions (THE ALCOHOLIC by Jonathan Ames and Dean Haspiel), from a memoir about the city’s most famous urban planner (ROBERT MOSES: THE MASTER BUILDER OF NEW YORK by Pierre Christin) to Will Eisner’s classic graphic novels, there’s a rich and impressive history of comics about the 5 boroughs. Z2 Comics will publish two more love letters to NYC: ASHES: A FIREFIGHTER’S TALE and PAWN SHOP. Both graphic novels present the stories of everyday New Yorkers -- and everyday heroes -- making their way in the toughest of cities, searching for real human connection.

ASHES: A FIREFIGHTER’S TALE written by Mario Candelaria (UNLAWFUL GOOD) with art by Karl Slominski (GOLGOTHA), takes readers along for the ride with New York firefighter. Matt always had an easygoing life. Girls liked him, his friends were like family and being a firefighter came naturally. But his life changed in an instant when he lost his leg trying to save the last person trapped in a burning building. A riveting tale about perseverance, hard work, and overcoming the odds, ASHES is a gripping tale told in evocative black and white.

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About the creators of ASHES:

Mario Candelaria (UNLAWFUL GOOD, EPILOGUE) is a writer and stand-up comedian who is constantly on the lookout for new and imaginative ways to bring an authentic perspective into his work. Originally hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Mario currently resides in suburban Philadelphia where he spends his days honing his craft and trying to figure out what exactly a "Wawa" is.

Karl Slominski began drawing comics as soon as his tiny, claw-like hand could grasp a pen. A graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartooning and Graphic Art, Slominski's prolific DIY inksplatterings have contributed to film & TV as well as illustrating the graphic novels TAD CALDWELL & THE MONSTER KID, GOLGOTHA, and RUN LIKE HELL. He lives on voracious intake of black coffee, rock n' roll, and love.