Exclusive Preview: Pawn Shop from Z2 Comics

We have another exclusive preview for you from Z2 Comics. In case you missed it here's a link to our other preview today. I haven't read anything by Esposito yet so this will be a first for me, but I'm very familiar with Von Gorman's work on Toe Tag Riot. If anything, this book highlights just how diverse Z2's line up is. Be sure to stop back by for the review and in the meantime here's some info on Pawn Shop before the preview.

PAWN SHOP written by by Joey Esposito (whose FOOTPRINTS earned an honorable mention on USA TODAY’s “BEST OF” lists 2011) illustrated with a gorgeous mixture of watercolor and digital elements by Sean Von Gorman (TOE TAG RIOT) presents the story of four people, in a city of eight million, whose lives unknowingly intersect through a Manhattan pawn shop. A widower. A nurse. A punk. A Long Island Railroad employee. New York City is an ecosystem where everybody is connected, if only by the streets they walk on. PAWN SHOP explores the big things that separate us and the little moments that inexplicably unite us.

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Joey Esposito is a writer and hoarder of things from New England, where he lives with his girlfriend Amanda and their cat Reebo. He thinks CHEERS is the greatest television show ever made. He writes comics like FOOTPRINTS , CAPTAIN ULTIMATE, and PAWN SHOP. His work has appeared at Image Comics, Archie Comics, Valiant Comics, and more.

Sean Von Gorman is an NYC based Comics Illustrator & Writer. known for TOE TAG RIOT, SECRET ADVENTURES OF HOUDINI and his work for the Occupy Comics Anthology w/ such comics legends as Alan Moore, Mike Allred, David Mack. In addition to his comics work, Sean is also a brilliant guerrilla marketer, who has been known to handcuff himself to things and escape straightjackets to promote his work at Comic Shops and Conventions. If you should meet Sean in person, approach carefully as he is very dangerous.