Fancy French Department Store Has A Catwoman Statue - Don't Worry It's Fancy!

The department store Printemps in Paris, France looks fancy as fuck! It's also been around since 1865 and according to the wikipedia page has been quite ground breaking at times over the years. It's probably the last place I would expect to see a Catwoman statue and yet there one is. It's from artist Kordian who says it's a modern take on Caravaggio’s “Judith Beheading Holofernes.” A painting that depicts Judith seducing and beheading Holofernes in order to save her people. I know, stay with me. I'm sure you already noticed Batman's mask? Or is it his head? Probably just his cowl, but that's Kordian's twist. All that aside, the statue looks great. If you're still wondering why this is in a fancy department store, well it was apart of an art exhibit... like I said, fancy! Source