FCBD Review: Molly Danger/ Princeless

Welcome to Free Comic Book Day! Instead of our usual lengthy reviews, we’ll be presenting more of a mini-review for some of FCBD issues. With that said, the scoring is also going to work a bit differently. Each book gets one of three scores: Pick It Up, Borrow a Friends If They Get It, Pass on It. Let’s begin!

I think a lot of people have been waiting for Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger for quite a while. Well it’s worth the wait as it is some of Igle’s best work. The story follows two helicopter pilots heading off after getting a supermech alert. We cut to the city and find a giant robot inside destroying everything. His name is Medula and he’s a brain in a jar style of robot, whose goal is to kill everyone and release them from their flesh… by putting their brains in robots. Molly arrives and a battle ensues. It was a fun story that had a great deal of realism and fantasy to it. I think those two contradiction will play well with each other for sure. The art work was incredible! Igle’s style has never looked so good.

On the Princeless side of things, Adrienne comes across another princess trapped in a tower and decides to rescue her. They walk past the assortment of people below and a pretty Knight that is lecturing why a woman needs to be rescued and what not. Adrienne and Bedelia struggle with their grappling hook due to Adrienne’s helmet. When she removes it, the Knight goes bananas and tells Adrienne to come be disciplined. If you know anything about Adrienne… this sets her off, hell it set me off and made me want to kick his ass. It was a fun story that builds on the world and adds another princess to the mix. I liked it and can’t wait for more Princeless.

Score: Pick It Up!