FCBD Review: R.I.P.D./ The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys/ Mass Effect

Welcome to Free Comic Book Day! Instead of our usual lengthy reviews, we’ll be presenting more of a mini-review for some of FCBD issues. With that said, the scoring is also going to work a bit differently. Each book gets one of three scores: Pick It Up, Borrow a Friends If They Get It, Pass on It. Let’s begin!

After R.I.P.D. – City of the Damned, I’ve been waiting anxiously for more R.I.P.D. This story doesn’t disappoint. It’s about a séance that goes wrong, but it has a huge twist to the story. Barlow and Parker reunite for the tale and damnit if they don’t make me want more R.I.P.D. comics.

As for the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys… It was okay. I think the series will be good and there was a lot of interesting concepts introduced, but overall it was too short. I didn’t exactly get a solid feel for the world or even who the main characters will end up being. It should be good once it hits it’s solo series though. Cloonan’s art is good and actually looks a bit different than usual which was a nice change of pace. I honestly didn’t recognize her style instantly and normally I do.

The Mass Effect story was also scripted by Barlow and it surprised the hell out of me. I’ve never read a Mass Effect title, but I really enjoyed the cleverness of this issue and found it to be fun and got me interested in the world. I'm actually thinking of going back and tracking down some issues.

Score: Pick It Up!