Finally An Action That Let's You Decide Which Way To Wear Arsenal's Hat!

Uh, finally and action figure that can reflect my own hat usage. I mean who wants to block the sun from their eyes all the time? Not me, my neck burns! Here's some other action figures and comments on them because that's what I do here apparently. Arsenal-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles



Well they fucked up the hair so I'm out... damn shame too.Starfire-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles

Excuse me sir, but why does your helmet suddenly have lips? Are you planning on kissing someone in that getup?Redhood-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles

Okay aside from the hair and eyes have zero effort put into them, what the fuck is up with that adult diaper he's wearing? Is everyone seeing this?Kid-Flash-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles

Whoa, Superboy has the same shitty hair going on, but even worse he has the same weird crotch area. It looks like he's got a Turtle head hanging out the back.Superboy-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles

I hate to keep picking on everyone's hair, but seriously it looks like they didn't even finish painting hers. Also that costume still sucks.Wonder-Girl-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles

Not a zit on this kid, are we sure he's a Teen Titan? Also nice snow boots.Robin-New-52-Teen-titans-DC-Collectibles